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All menu items and prices are subject to change at any time due to changes in food prices and availability.
Our Famous Uglies! Donut  Donuts
Apple Ugly $3.25 Donut Holes $.35 each
Baked Apply Ugly $3.50 $3.80 /dozen
Chocolate Covered Ugly $3.75 Glazed $.95 each
$11.00 / dozen
Pasteries & Muffins Single Dip (chocolate) $1.35 each
Apple Turnover $2.50 $15.00  / dozen
Walnut Sticky Bun $3.60 Double Dip (glaze + chocolate) $1.50 each
Cinnamon Roll $2.90 $16.00  / dozen
Rum Raisin Cinnamon Roll$3.95
Cheese Danish $2.50 Cinnamon Twist $1.35 each
Assorted Muffins $1.80 $15.00 / dozen
Specialty Bread
Carrot, Lemon Poppyseed, Spiced Raisin

We make specialty cakes for any occasion!  Want a cake in the shape of a fish for the fisherman who hasn’t yet caught anything?  Or, how about a birthday cake for someone celebrating down at the beach?  Email us at charley@orangeblossombakery.com and we’ll work with you to make the cake, pie or cheesecake very special!

Breakfast Sandwiches   Breakfast
Choose your bread: Homemade Biscuit
or Toast
(our homemade Italian Bread)
Plain Bagel
Plain $1.90 $2.10
with cheese $2.40 $2.70
with egg $2.70 $2.80
with egg and cheese $3.10 $3.30
With Meat - Your Choice of Bacon, Country Sausage or Ham
with one meat $3.60 $3.75
with one meat and cheese $4.30 $4.50
with one meat & egg $4.50 $4.70
meat & cheese & egg $5.40 $5.60

Specialty Breakfast Sandwiches & Burritos
Bagel Burner
Bagel Burner
Specialty Mondo
The Buxton The Buxton
Classic BLT
Classic BLT
Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Burritos
The Shadow
The Shadow A Double Decker
Brandy Special
Brandy Special
Davina Davina
Eggs Benedict
Two Poached Eggs on a pair of English Muffins
 with Canadian Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce


Cakes and Catering

We offer custom, home-made cakes using only fresh ingredients, local sea shells, local wildflowers, and loving island creativity!  We also offer catering for your special island event and the breakfasts required to support it!  Anything on our menu is available, including event-size containers of gourmet organic coffees from around the world.

During the busy season, we need three (3) days notice for  small simple cakes and up to  two (2) weeks notice for large fancy cakes.
 Email us for info and pricing.